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    Stay Awhile in St. Albert, Alberta

    * Physician Partners earn above average compensation. $29,000+/mo. gross of overhead is easily achievable full time
    * Opportunities for variety and scope of practice Full-time, part-time, family medicine, episodic care – you choose what type of practice works best with your ideals, current commitments and lifestyle
    * Professionally managed family health care clinics in Alberta provide the support system that allows your practice to grow and thrive

    The Position
    Eliminating the administrative burden allows our physicians to concentrate on delivering the best patient care possible and provides the physician the opportunity to have a healthy work-life balance. Our clinics are equipped to deal with minor trauma including lacerations, burns, fractures, sprains and strains and eye injuries as well as preventative medicine services.

    Remuneration is based on a fee for service system with a competitive overhead component applied. Fastrack offers easy access with decreased waiting times, extended hours 7 days a week, variety of practice, WCB Occupational Injury Service – are just a few reasons why our partner stands out as one of the best opportunities to maximize your earnings.

    Professional nursing staff or Clinical Aides have been trained to support you and your patients by taking an accurate patient history related to their voiced medical concern, complete a physical assessment within scope of practice, and ensure patient teaching is completed and any diagnostic coordination is explained and arranged where necessary, all while under your care.

    The Location
    Calling St. Albert home will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

    Located minutes away from northwest Edmonton in the thriving Capital Region of Alberta, the community of St. Albert embraces families and supports a lifestyle where everyone can flourish. Home to over 64,645 connected residents, this safe, prosperous and beautiful City was ranked as the #1 Best Place to Raise Kids by MoneySense magazine. St. Albert is also the safest urban centre in Alberta (Statistics Canada 2014).

    St. Albert is one of Alberta’s most beautiful communities and with its’ diverse landscape in the picturesque Sturgeon River Valley, has earned its name as The Botanical Arts City. Citizens enjoy the thoughtful integration of urban and natural areas and the embodiment of a sustainable living philosophy as well as a multitude of recreational activities that support a well rounded quality of life.

    Essential Criteria
    All applicants must hold a valid license to practice medicine in Alberta and remain current with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta.

    Service Overview
    As one of the largest multi-disciplinary medical groups in the country, our partners are just as committed, dedicated and focused on the operation of their centres, as you are on your own medical practice and your patient care.

    Your practice will benefit from accessible locations, as well as the most thoroughly trained, professional staff in the industry to do the administrative aspects of running your practice for you. Innovative and intuitive – our newly implemented EMR Advantage allows you to optimize your time spent with your patients. This system is tablet based, does not rely on the Internet, and can be programmed specifically to meet your practice needs.

    Our client actively manages and oversees support staff, providing clinic mangers on site, registered nursing professionals, clinical aides, receptionists and medical office assistants as well as on-site Specialists and Pharmacists provide a collaborative healthcare model. Administrative staff at our Edmonton head office provides on call support for IT, EMR and physician scheduling; reconciliation of all billings; accessible operational administration; and facilities maintenance – allows you can give the best to your patients.

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